1》 a Greek independence fighter, especially one who fought the Turks in the 15th century.
2》 historical a Greek brigand or bandit.
from mod. Gk klephtēs, from Gk kleptēs 'thief'.

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  • klepht — [kleft] n. [ModGr klephtēs, robber < Gr kleptēs: see KLEPTOMANIA] 1. a member of the Greek patriot bands who held out after the Turkish conquest of Greece in the 15th cent. 2. a brigand …   English World dictionary

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  • klepht — klephtic, adj. /kleft/, n. a Greek or Albanian brigand, exalted in the war of Greek independence as a patriotic robber; guerrilla. [1810 20; < ModGk kléphtes, var. of ModGk, Gk kléptes thief, rogue; see KLEPTOMANIA] * * * …   Universalium

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